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MSWSN - Radio Show on Wed. Jan. 28th

MSWSN - Radio Show on Wed. Jan. 28, 2015

Hello Everyone,

MSWSN will be hosting January's radio show thanks to Dennis Cogswell and Bruce Friedman and Mark Homan.
Show will take place this Wednesday, January 28th from 1pm - 2:15pm EST. You can listen to the show online at If anyone would like to participate in the show and ask a question have them call: (347)-327-9168.
If you can help promote the show through your respected networks, it would be much appreciated.
MSWSN will be discussing three main points.
  1. History and Purpose: How and why MSWSN came into existence and the purpose it holds for students.
  2. Inside our classrooms. The importance of discussing micro and macro together and not separately.
  3. On the ground. How can we bring real lived experiences and national issues into our classroom. How does our current work as students, whether in field or our personal experience, come into classroom discussions?
This is our full structure and agenda for the show

MSWSN Radio Show Agenda:

  1. Introduce MSWSN:

    1. How it started (why and what prompted students to get involved)

      1. Name the need for the space for Macro focused students. What has MSWSN been able to accomplish since it was established?

      2. Give examples of the micro vs macro in the history and creation of the MSWSN: Kate

  2. In the classroom: Student focused (classroom education preparation-classes) Cassie

    1. Classes are usually full of clinical students (stats about Hunter students Clinical vs CO and OML)

    2. Classes can be polarizing for students who think about the policies and the larger systems and how their clients and communities may be affected. Human Behavior for CO students can seem pointless and frustrating, especially when the students have no exposure or experience with one-on-one client interaction (ie community work) however, it is invaluable when a professor highlights the skills and how one would use interviewing skills within communities.

    3. Neither is more important than the other. In fact, both MUST work together to serve the communities and the systems in which Social work as a profession exists.

  3. On the ground: Kelsey and Sindy

    1. How does the classroom relate to what's happening on the ground and vice versa?

    2. How do we bring current lived experiences into the classroom?

      1. Current social issues happening in our community

        1. BlackLivesMatter

        2. Incarceration rates

        3. Solitary Confinement

      2. Field Education/Current work

        1. Kelsey: Intern with Brooklyn Defender Services

        2. Sindy:

      3. These aren't just micro or macro issues. It's both. How do we bring issues of intersectionality into our social work classrooms?
  4. Conclusion: Contact information and how to create a chapter. MSWSN.ORG or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
There will be 4 students on Wednesday's show:
Sindy Morales Garcia
Cassie Biron
Kate Jordan
Kelsey De Avila
Thank you and if you have any questions please let me know!