Association for Community Organization & Social Administration

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Macro Social Work Student Network at Long Beach State

The need for Macro students to collaborate was evident at the first interest meeting for the Macro Social Work Student Network that was held in January. President, Catherine Adkins and Vice President Danielle Raghib did not know what to expect but the outcome was exceptional! By using an open forum type of meeting with 15 other students and 2 faculty members the direction of the group has been made clear. Students are excited to get involved in macro level work to make a change in the areas that matter most to them. They want to learn how to implement large-scale change and have opportunities to see that change occur.

Although not yet a recognized group by the university it is very real for the students who are interested. Based on the dialogue the group will be structured with three subcommittees. One committee will focus on leadership development and learning. This will be done by hosting workshops and seminars that focus on macro social work conducted by students, faculty, and community leaders who are making a difference in their community. The second committee will focus on community change and good old fashioned, grassroots organizing! This will be accomplished by teaming up with local organizations to increase the capacity for advocacy, organizing, and social justice in areas of social work. The final committee will focus on increasing the awareness of macro work among BSW and MSW students as well as being a liaison with faculty when designing and discussing curriculum.

The MSWSN chapter at Long Beach State is in the very beginning stages but is off to a strong start! For comments, feedback, or be added to our mailing list please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it