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New resources for Evaluating Community Organizing!

Resources for Evaluating Community Organizing—RECO—brings you up to date on the community organizing field’s latest evaluation developments. This year has seen a growing emphasis among activists on movement building- engaging communities in long lasting and continuous action to create sustainable change. As a result, Bolder Advocacy received and added several related evaluation resources to the RECO compendium.


Please, let us know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) what else you’d like to see on RECO. We’re constantly considering new resources to meet your needs.

Please go to RECO to view the following 4 additions:

  • Movement Network Leader Case Study: Evelyn Shen

Management Assistance Group Network Leader Innovation Lab

  • My Healthy Organization Assessment Guide


  • What Is Movement Building Capacity for Nonprofit Organizations?

Building Movement Project

  • Power Analysis

SCOPE and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


We invite organizers, funders, and evaluators to expand their own community organizing knowledge by visiting RECO and encourage affiliates and networks to share this great resource with their members.  Thanks to generous support from Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and others, this electronic resource free.




Sue Hoechstetter and Angelia DiGuiseppe

Alliance for Justice, Bolder Advocacy Initiative

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Watch our new video Roe at Risk, about the individuals and groups that are standing up for women’s right to reproductive freedom and justice.

Do you have a resource that would be perfect for RECO?  Contribute to the compendium that provides up-to-date tools for organizers.  Send your ideas with a brief explanation of the resources to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

“Amid evidence that American society is becoming increasingly fragmented, institution based community organizers bring people together across racial, class, religious, and ideological lines.” (Interfaith Funders, “Building Bridges, Building Power: Developments in Institution Based Community Organizing”, 2012).


As community organizing tactics change, so do ways to capture success. AFJ's Bolder Advocacy initiative aims to help you stay up to do date on the latest developments in the field.
That’s why we are sharing with you 5 new additions to our online library we call Resources for Evaluating Community OrganizingRECO
The newest resources are:
· CFJ Campaign Tools (Planning and Evaluation Tools), Californians for Justice
· Capturing Concepts (Questions to Ask During and After Organizing Actions) , Mark Homan, Association of Community Organizing and Social Administration
· Getting to Outcomes Indicators Guide: A Users Guide to a Revised Indicators Framework for Education Organizing, E. Gold, E. Simon, R. Peralta, Research for Action and Communities for Public Education Reform
· Success Measures—Community Building and Organizing, NeighborWorks America
· They Said It Was Impossible! How to Win Progressive Change When the Odds Are Against Us, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Also there is a new Topic of Interest—Reflection and the Future of Organizingthat
explores how organizers have used reflection to strengthen their
campaigns.  We invite organizers, funders, and evaluators to visit RECO.

This online resource is free, thanks to generous support from Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
And, please let us know what else you’d like to see on RECO. We’re constantly considering new resources to meet your needs.
Sue Hoechstetter, Senior Advisor for Foundation Advocacy and Evaluation
Abby Weaver, Social Work Intern