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Emerging Scholar

2012 ACOSA Emerging Scholar:   Erick Guerrero, Ph.D., University of Southern California 

Dr. Guerrero was nominated by Dr. Haluk Soyday for the 2012 Emerging Scholars award.  Dr. Guerrero has outstanding productivity in organizational research as a junior faculty member, with ten published articles in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals in the area of organizational cultural competence and racial/ethnic service disparities.  His research and practice experience has enabled him to receive federal funding to study organizational change and the process of care in community-based behavioral health.  He has presented at national and international conferences on administration, management, and organizational research.  Dr. Jeanne Marsh, in her letter of support, wrote, "There is perhaps no other scholar in our field - emerging or established - whose work is making such an important contribution to improving access and effectiveness of social services for Latinos in the US."

2011 ACOSA Emerging Scholar Award

Dr. David Androff
School of Social Work, Arizona State University

Dr. David AndroffDr. Androff's dissertation research has been a springboard for his meritorious scholarship. He documented the impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in the community of Greensboro, North Carolina. Dr. Androff's dissertation research is groundbreaking and cutting-edge, in part, because he was the first scholar to examine the use of TRC in the United States. It is also meritorious because he is the first social work scholar to connect TRC research to the promotion of social justice and healing within a social work framework. He has published 12 articles on this topic in his short three years as an assistant professor. Dr. Androff's dissertation research has resulted in an emerging international reputation and opportunities to disseminate his work across the globe. He has presented his work at conferences in Mexico, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.




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