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Emerging Scholar Award

The Emerging Scholar Award honors a recent Ph.D. (pre-tenure) who is doing meritorious scholarship in the field.


2018: Megan Paceley, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Nominator: Deborah Adams (University of Kansas), and Michelle Mohr Carney (University of Kansas)


2017: Jaime M. Booth, University of Pittsburgh

Nominator:  John Wallace, University of Pittsburgh

Nomination Comments:

Dr. Booth’s scholarship focuses on the understudied and important area of neighborhood level factors in health outcomes and interventions to address health disparities among minority, particularly, Latino, populations. Dr. Booth’s commitment to her rigorous training to become an independent scientist is further evidenced by her recent K01 award, which are highly competitive and difficult to obtain.  She plans to use the funding from this award to further her innovative scholarship in the understudied area of neighborhood influences on adolescent substance use. She is also an amazingly productive assistant professor.  She has published 20 peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals presented at national and international conferences, maintained a growing record of external funding, and still managed to teach and provide highly relevant service to her school and community.


2016: Samantha Teixeira, Boston College School of Social Work


Nominator:  Tracy Soska, University of Pittsburgh (with John Wallace, Faculty mentor)

Comment from nomination letter:

Samantha Teixeira, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Boston College School of Social Work. She has demonstrated strong community practice social work, conducted solid community-based and participatory research work, advance Geographic Information Systems work in social work community practice, and evidenced engaging scholarship in the community practice field that has already commanded attention.


2015: Dr. Terri Friedline

2014: Amy Krings & Laurie Walker

2013: Richard Smith

2012: Erick Guerrero

2011: David Androff

2008: Mary Ohmer

2006: Philip Young P. Hong

2005: Stephanie Boddie

2003: Robert Fischer, Emily Spence-Diehl

2001: Ann Rosegrant Alvarez

2000: Deb Page-Adams, Louise Simmons

1999: Julian Chow

1998: Susan Murty