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Macro Textbooks Cognella Academic Publishing

Recently Published and Upcoming Textbooks from Cognella Academic Publishing

At Cognella, we share the passion of ACOSA members like you in addressing community issues around diversity, social policy, and social justice. We’re dedicated to publishing timely, relevant, and important works by knowledgeable authors that keep the conversation surrounding critical issues alive and well. Our new offerings address some of the grand challenges in community organization and social administration, including poverty and inequality, racism, macro practice, and more.


Macro Social Work Practice: Working for Change in a Multicultural Society

Michael Reisch

Coming Soon!

This text explores the dynamics and practice implications of increasingly diverse communities, organizations, and social service networks, and helps students develop the skills to work successfully in these contexts. The book gives students the foundational skills and knowledge required for effective practice in social service and human organizations, healthcare settings, communities, social networks, and social movements.

For more information regarding this text, visit its title page in the Cognella Catalog.




A Guide for Sustaining Conversations on Racism, Identity, and our Mutual Humanity

Steve Burghardt, Kalima DeSuze, Linda Lausell Bryant, and Mohan Vinjamuri

Now Available!

This text is a hands-on guide for teachers, students, and agency professionals seeking to respond skillfully and sensitively to the often daunting challenges of classrooms, as students demand both answers and accountability concerning issues of race, power, privilege, and oppression and the emotional responses they provoke.

For more information regarding this text, visit its title page in the Cognella Catalog.





Team Impact: Achieving Twice as Much in Half the Time

John Tropman

Now Available!

This text draws on extensive contemporary research to explore what it takes to be a great manager and create effective, impactful teams. It features material generated by the Meeting Masters Research Project, an ongoing effort at the University of Michigan. The book addresses the wide range of teams within organizations, ranging from governance teams to those devoted to specific projects.

For more information regarding this text, visit its title page in the Cognella Catalog.





Reducing Inequality: Addressing the Wicked Problems across Professions and Disciplines

Bruce Jansson

Coming Soon!

Recognizing the lack of discussion of income equality in most social work textbooks, this text provides an overview of the potential impact of income inequality on the United States. It examines why the United States is the most unequal industrialized nation, and shares diverse curriculum and research on the topic.

For more information regarding this text, visit its title page in the Cognella Catalog.



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America's Social Arsonist Fred Ross and Grassroots Organizing in the Twentieth Century

New Book About Legendary Organizer Fred Ross

Raised by conservative parents who hoped he would “stay with his own kind,” Fred Ross instead became one of the most influential community organizers in American history. His activism began alongside Dust Bowl migrants, where he managed the same labor camp that inspired John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. During World War II, Ross worked for the release of interned Japanese Americans, and after the war, he dedicated his life to building the political power of Latinos across California. Labor organizing in this country was forever changed when Ross knocked on the door of a young Cesar Chavez and encouraged him to become an organizer.

Until now there has been no biography of Fred Ross, a man who believed a good organizer was supposed to fade into the crowd as others stepped forward. In America’s Social Arsonist, Gabriel Thompson provides a full picture of this complicated and driven man, recovering a forgotten chapter of American history and providing vital lessons for organizers today.


For more information, and to purchase the book, visit

Promoting Community Change: Making It Happen in the Real World, 6th Edition

Mark S. Homan


Designed for students who want to move beyond the theoretical discussion of community and become effective agents of change, PROMOTING COMMUNITY CHANGE, 6th Edition addresses the real-world issues facing professionals in social work, human services, and community health. By emphasizing the role a strengthened community can play in preventing and solving the problems commonly experienced by individuals and families, the author gives students the tools they need to improve the lives of individual clients as well as entire communities. Students learn to identify the issues related to change so that they can bring clients, families, and other community members together to build a healthier community for themselves, their families, and their neighbors.


Instructors interested in review copies can request these at

New Strategies for Social Innovation: Market-Based Approaches for Assisting the Poor

Steven G. Anderson (2014, Columbia University Press)

Anyone who uses the promo code “ANDNEW” to buy the book from this site will receive a 30% discount off the price of the book. The book comparatively assesses social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, private sustainable development, and fair trade, and includes materials on the skills needed for practicing these approaches and the conditions conducive to their success.

Envisioning Sociology: Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the Quest for Social Reconstruction


Scott, J. & Bromley, R. (2013)  Envisioning Sociology: Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the Quest for Social Reconstruction.  Albany, NY: SUNY Press.  ISBN 978-1-4384-4731-5

This is the first major study of the founding movement of British sociology, centered on Victor Branford and Patrick Geddes, advocating a broad applied view of sociology as an omnibus discipline embracing the other social sciences and focusing on “social reconstruction” – creating a more peaceful, harmonious and egalitarian world based on cooperation, redistribution and federalism.  Although Branford and Geddes failed to establish the grand sociology they envisioned, their ideas helped develop the theory and practice of community development, participatory democracy, bioregionalism, historic preservation, and neighborhood upgrading.


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